In 2007 I made a conscious decision to learn the process of producing coloured clay ceramics. This is a branch of ceramics away from the mainstream. Learning required time and patience. I realised early on that buttons would make good test pieces. Many tests later I am able to provide this collection for you to view.

There has been a resurgence in interest in yarn and knitting as shown by online communities such as Ravelry. I think it is important for people to have an outlet for their creativity. I hope the buttons on this site will spur people into picking up a ball of wool and knitting needles.

The key to my business on this site is not only the highly desirable buttons but my ability to transport them anywhere in the world at a very reasonable cost. I live in Portugal, a country that offers inexpensive shipping charges (2.50 euros for a 20 gram tracked letter).

Enjoy the site. There is a contact form if you have any questions. 

Crispin McNally


The buttons are made with stained porcelain. The clay is layered/laminated and cut in cross-section. This reveals the pattern. Firing the buttons to 1220 degrees centigrade produces a rock hard, machine washable consistency. It is advisable to turn your garment inside out before washing.


The design of a button can be altered to suit your taste. If you see a button and wish to change the fastening-from holes to a shank/shank to holes-this is easily done. The shanks are made with high temperature (nicrome) wire and glazed into place.